Microgaming’s 2020 slots and features

Do you like slots? You must be if you are reading this. The greatest slots for both offline and online gambling are made by Microgaming. Slots are a game of pure chance.

Slots are one of the most popular casino games due to their simplicity. Slots come in a variety of themes, which makes them addicting. Everybody wants the next season of their favorite show. It’s the same as waiting for the following slot theme title.

Microgaming offers something fresh for us, as we all anticipated. Two new titles for Mega Moolah, a fantastic African themed slot, and WowPot, a popular slot theme, will be launched in September. These 2 are huge jackpots. These are Microgaming’s newest jackpots. Microgaming is the slot king and a top developer when it comes to slots. You’ll never miss a month’s worth of new games or features. As a result, Microgaming now has over 650 games.

Microgaming has produced video slots based on famous TV show characters and stories. This has elevated gameplay. Playing slots is like watching your favorite movie or TV program. When tied to a progressive prize, a compelling narrative is even better. It’s like being paid to laugh.

New Slot Games for 2020

It would be tedious to go through the whole list if Microgaming released a new game every month. It’s so up to date that a few months old slot game seems years ancient. This is what we all like. The entertainment business would be miles ahead if all our favorite TV shows delivered new episodes at Microgaming’s speed.

Now we’ll focus on games published in the last few months of 2020.

  1. 11 victors
  2. 9 Gold Pots
  3. Western Tail 5. African Legends
  4. Age of Conquest 8. Ancient Warriors

AFC All Win


These are the few spaces that are less than 2 months old. As if these new slots weren’t exciting enough, Microgaming has added fresh bonuses and symbols. Most new symbols provide players extra benefits like free spins and extra play. Most new slots also include new gameplay modes and bonuses.

What’s the Link Between Slots and Movies?

As previously said, slot companies, particularly Microgaming, have branded several of their video slots using famous movies and TV episodes. The movie or TV show’s continuity ensures the slot game’s continuation. A large progressive jackpot game from Microgaming is based on the Dark Knight franchise. Hellboy, Fantastic 4 from Marvel, and Tomb Raider are all big-name positions. These progressive jackpots are designed to boost your chances of winning as you play.

Microgaming has slots for both high rollers and low rollers. So you may win a progressive jackpot or a coin win. This is pure gambling freedom. You have access to every slot game feature available, so choose your favorite and earn money while having fun.


Microgaming is a leading software developer in Africa. The latest Mega Moolah slot, Absolute Madness, is an African themed slot. Microgaming is a gaming company committed to presenting the African culture and the Wild to the rest of the globe. For those new to slots, try one of the African themed slots and utilize your knowledge of the jungle to earn some real cash.

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